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Colourful flower stickers €12 per page

Colourful flower stickers €12 per page

Transform your kids' rooms into a vibrant wonderland with our removable flower stickers! Add a burst of colour and creativity to their walls for an instant impact. Easy to apply and remove, our flower stickers bring joy and personality to any space. We sell these flowers in pages with 12 flowers per page allowing you to customise to the space you have. We have carefully designed our wall stickers so they won't cause damage to your walls and can be easily removed when removed with care.


Product information & breakdown

Each illustration has a white border. Each of our flower sticker pages are designed to be used either individually or in combination with other stickers from the same collection. There is also a floral themed name sticker (seen in the images above) which has been designed to be used alongside this floral sticker pack.


Colourful flowers 

Contains 12 stickers per page,
Flower 1: Width 5.3cm x Height 5.3cm, 
Flower 2: Width 5.3cm x Height 5.3cm, 
Flower 3: Width 5.3cm x Height 5.3cm, 
Flower 4: Width 5.3cm x Height 5.3cm.

Our wall stickers are made using a trusted and truly removable wall fabric material. They do not damage walls, are non-toxic, leave no sticky residue on 99% of surfaces, and won't set on your walls over time. You can use them on virtually any clean, smooth, flat surface. If applying our stickers to a newly painted wall, we recommend a minimum paint drying period of 4 weeks before applying them.


If you plan to reuse the stickers, remove them from their surface with care and re-apply them to the gloss sheet they originally came on until you’re ready to use them again. Please note that our wall stickers are designed for decoration only and are not a toy. Please keep them out of reach of children.

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