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Pet farm name sticker

Pet farm name sticker

Our customizable name wall stickers offer the flexibility to be personalized to any desired name, room name, or siblings' names. For example, "Emma", "Emma's den", "Emma's playroom", "Emma and Lily's room". Simply include the customisation you would like in the box provided and I will adjust the artwork to best suit the text. This name sticker has been photographed alongside our farm sticker pack.

The maximum height of our name sticker is 25.3cm and the maximum width is 40.2cm. However, the text included in the customisation details will determine the height and width of the name sticker and artwork will be adjusted to best suit those details provided.


Our wall stickers are made using a trusted and truly removable wall fabric material. They do not damage walls, are non-toxic, leave no sticky residue on 99% of surfaces, and won't set on your walls over time. You can use them on virtually any clean, smooth, flat surface. If applying our stickers to a newly painted wall, we recommend a minimum paint drying period of 4 weeks before applying them.


If you plan to reuse the stickers, remove them from their surface with care and re-apply them to the gloss sheet they originally came on until you’re ready to use them again. Please note that our wall stickers are designed for decoration only and are not a toy. Please keep them out of reach of children.

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